About Us

Summer fashion collection

Ikshita was founded with the goal in mind to create a style statement for everyday fashion.
It is a tested brand for ppl who want to discover their taste in fashion. Made with fabrics of the highest quality we produce all our iconic masterpieces in flawless textures, waiting to see our clients breathe life into them A beautiful blend of sophisticated and modish, thats “Brand name”In our designs you will find a taste of charm with a touch of dash. Tradition brought back to life with style, finess and fun.

We believe that behind every dress is story waiting to be told. We believe that clothes are an outlet to express your sense of adventure, curiosity and creativity. We make clothes but you make fashion. Heres you ticket to creating a wardrobe that is there to stand out.The idea to create go-to pieces in a woman’s wardrobe that they will love three, five, ten years from now.

Finding the sophistication in simplicity is our raison d'être.

Our passion to create and design clothes that define your own unique sense of style is the driving force behind this brand. We pride ourselves with providing extraordinary designs that are thoughtfully crafted with the most high quality and comfortable fabrics that create inspiring looks.